Kauai, HI

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Once again we will be keepign the Feast of Tabernacles on the beautiful island of Kauai, which is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands. Centuries of tropical rain forest growth has earned the island the name "Garden Island."

Kauai displays flowing rivers, cascading waterfalls, beautiful beaches and the breathtaking Nā Pali coastline that rises up out of the ocean four thousand feet into the air. In addition to its striking beauty, Kauai offers a wide variety of activities. This inviting tropical paradise is truly a magnificent setting to keep God’s Feast.

This year we are really excited to be having services in a beautiful, newly constructed conference center at the Koloa Landing Resort. This 4-star resort is located on the sunny part of the island in the Poipu area, where many brethren have enjoyed staying due to its world-class beaches. 

Above: Lobby at the Koloa Landing

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We hope to see you in Kauai!

Festival Coordinator:
Mr. Brandon Fall
Phone: (253) 292-0698
[email protected]


Above: Koloa Landing Ballroom (this is where we will be meeting for daily services)

Sea Turtle at Poipu Beach

Waiulua Falls

Anini Beach

Trail on North Shore

Sunset in Poipu Kai

Sunset in Poipu Kai

To view more photos of the island, click on Photo Gallery

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And He said to them,

"Go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature."

- Mark 16:15

Time Till The Feast!

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